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Max & Daniel

Unconditional Friends

"July 24, 2019

Dear Ms. Phillips,

We truly appreciate you generosity and kindness in helping our family. We are absolutely speechless for your generous donation. We cannot express the gratitude we have to you. Thank you so much for our account at Wilderwood Service Dogs being PAID IN FULL.

Our son, Max has had an autism service dog since the age of 13, named Daniel he’s 11 years old now and was trained at Wilderwood. We cannot say enough about how Daniel has helped our son and the entire family. We are so pleased with Wilderwood’s training that Boone will be Max’s second service dog graduating in December. Daniel will semi-retire and live a very comfortable life with our family. Max’s service dogs are his unconditional friends that love him no matter what his behavior is. Max feels safe when Daniel is with him in public and loves having him by his side at all times.

We are also very grateful for Wilderwood because they provide such an amazing service for our family and others with disabilities. Wilderwood is an excellent training facility from the beginning paperwork process to the service dog graduation ceremony.

Again, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget your generosity and kindness. God Bless!

We promise to pay it forward when we are able to"


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