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Ben & Asher

Perfect Companions

"Happy Holidays!!!!  Just thought I’d send a note your way and fill you in on the life-changing impact Asher has had on Ben. 

"Where there once seemed to be no hope – life is now blooming!!! J

Ben has continued to gain confidence and momentum concerning is re-entry into society.  He continues to work with his wonderful counselor but that’s not the only person he’s now working with.  Would you believe he’s joined the YMCA and is working with a trainer who’s helping him with weights and an exercise program?  Would you believe that he’s also working with the DVR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation) and a gal named Jamie who’s helping Ben get prepared to find a part-time job?  Would you believe that in August Ben decided he was ready to have his driver’s license re-instated, then did some earnest searching and found a used car at a dealership about 2 hours away?  It was an electric LEAF so I drove Ben and Asher down to the dealership.  After the salesman took us for a test drive – would you believe that my jaw was literally on the floor as Ben was wheeling and dealing quite confidently with the manager, they came to an agreement and we bought the car?  Would you believe that Ben now goes tooling around town on his own, shopping for clothes, takes Asher out to the dog park and also takes Asher to our family-run butcher shop to get raw bones and pig’s ears (they LOVE having Asher visit!) and Ben runs errands and… and… and…????  J

Asher – of course – is the love of our lives.  He LOVES Wisconsin winters and LOVES the snow.  We have about an acre of fenced in wooded land so we have a great time frolicking in the snow and chasing squirrels.  Asher lives with 3 cats and they all get along in such a loving way – it’s just the best. 

I cannot tell you how grateful we are for the work you folks do and for the wonderful service you provide for these animals who become such important tools for healing and growth.  Does it get any better than that?  I’ve included a few pictures for you!!!  Here’s to a Happy New Year – may you continue to train those dogs!!!!! ""

Asher loves the snow

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